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Umbria wedding photographer

I have worked throughout Italy but many of  my best weddings have been done as a Wedding photographer in Umbria.

Umbria – one of the most requested regions in Italy to celebrate a dream wedding.

Located in central Italy, Umbria is a region rich in breathtaking landscapes, art and history.
Assisi is a magical place, much sought after by those who decide to get married in Italy.
Searching for a Wedding photographer in Umbria who can capture so much beauty, including the bride and groom in this wonderful context, might seem difficult.
First of all it is important to look among those who have accumulated good experience as a Wedding photographer in Umbria, secondly the best thing to do is to rely on your own visual sensations, and finally choose a photographer who is empathetic towards your needs.

The Petrata Castle is a wonderful location located on the hill in front of Assisi, in Umbria. It is characterized by a beautiful and ancient structure but above all by well-kept gardens full of vegetation. The staff is highly trained and will be able to make your wedding unique. Working at Castello di Petrata is always a great job opportunity.

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