Wedding Photography

My main activity is certainly to be a photographer for weddings in Tuscany, in Italy and wherever customers ask me to move. In the course of my career I have photographed more than 500 Weddings in Tuscany and Italy with the most different rites: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Indian Weddings, of course many civil rites and many symbolic ceremonies. I have been able to work on beautiful and very different occasions, learning to know and appreciate cultures all over the world. Over the years I have developed my own personal style, a discreet and delicate approach to reportage photography intersected with a creative pose that reaches my every service. With me are working some current collaborators of my studio of wedding photographers I have formed, serious and capable people who help me every year to face challenging seasons of weddings in Tuscany and throughout Italy. we always use the best equipment available on the market because we believe we have to offer our customers the maximum possible. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Italy or wherever you need, contact me, I will be happy to explain you better my approach to Weddings.

Engagement and Elopement Photography

Being a wedding photographer also means being an engagement and creative portrait photographer. Every year I work many times as a engagemet photographer for couples who want to give themselves a unique photographic experience in Tuscany and throughout Italy. My natural and spontaneous approach together with a pinch of creative pose for fascinating portraits tries to tell both the couple and the surrounding environment as well as possible. The service is always very relaxing and fun, perhaps enriched by moments like a coffee break or a good ice cream.


Teaching covers an important part of my work. In my school ``Studium Fotografia`` I organize three annual courses where the basic techniques of digital photography are taught. I also offer the possibility to deepen the use of the post-production programs of the image in as many advanced courses. Having had an academic education, the University of Siena has given me the chair for teaching the course in photography and culture of the image at the University of Siena. I also teach at the university master's in business communication and have for years been appointed an expert in the subject.

Photography Workshop

Every year I organize and direct some workshops on portrait photography, artistic nude photography and fashion photography. I always try to choose among the most interesting locations to set these workshops as best as possible. The participants in my classes have the opportunity to learn my approach and to use the best equipment of continuous lighting or flash lighting, even if the fact remains that I always prefer natural light.