Italian Wedding photographer

Italian wedding photographer

I know perfectly that I am taking pictures of one of the most important day of your life, and that I am giving life to your memory and, looking to the future, those of your children.

It is for this that I take my job very responsibly and always with the greatest commitment.
In addition to a photojournalistic approach over time I developed a strong interest in creative portrait photography. I consider myself a creative Wedding reportage and editorial photographer.

Talking about very technical aspects I often find myself working in very strong light conditions, in the summer and in the middle of the day.
Just when strong contrasts are created between lights and shadows I really like to guide the spouses so as to give an original vision of the scene, using the high lights but also the deep shadows.
Fortunately I am doing the profession I love.
Many years ago I wondered what I would really like to do in my life. the answer was … “Wedding Photographer” in Italy!

Working as a Wedding Photographer in Italy also means working very often as Engagement photographer.
An engagement Photography session is something different from Wedding, it´s like a sort of preparation where I feel really free to try new concepts of couple photography.

If you are also interested in the video of your best day, no problem!
A video team also works with my studio, ask for examples and I will be happy to offer you our best works including the use of a drone for breathtaking shots.
I am based in Siena, Tuscany, so I consider myself really lucky.
This is a magic and beautiful place for Weddings and Engagement Photography!

My interests, in addition to everything related to photography, are reading, traveling and cooking.
In particular, the kitchen gives me moments of relax and satisfaction, as for photography, I love to experiment and then enjoy the result.
If you are planning your wedding in Tuscany or everywhere in Italy  contact me to tell me something about you to learn about the many possibilities I offer in terms of wedding packages.